Thursday, May 1, 2008

Wishing I were back in Attolia

Having finished my final coursework assignment for the masters, and knowing that now I've got to get on with revision for exams in three weeks time, I decided to give myself a little holiday in Attolia. I finished The Thief about a fortnight ago, and had to wait a little before getting hold of copies of both Queen and King of Attolia, because I knew that having read one, I would want to read the next one straight away. Which I did. Finished QofA last night and got straight on with KofA this morning, and I've now finished, thanks to a little bit of holiday. And I've been converted, I'd like a one-way time travel ticket to Attolia, or Eddis, but not Sounis or the Mede Empire.

What was so good? Well, I was just sucked into this world. And Whalen Turner pared it down - there was plenty that I wanted to know more about, but she tantalised and entangled me in the machinations of the courts of Eddis and Attolia thoroughly. She's left loose ends at the end of KoA that give me hope that she'll revisit this world (Sophos's fate remains unclear and Eddis has to marry someone soon, and Nasuherus the Mede needs some serious comeuppance) but she has sorted out the story of her principal hero, Eugenides, very satisfactorily.

I can't say any more for fear of entering serious spoiler territory, but what I can say is this: go out and read the Thief trilogy - they are wonderful books and it will be time well spent. Whalen Turner has interesting and wise things to say about the nature of power and love and leadership as well as telling an absolutely cracking and original story.


Devon Ellington said...

Sounds interesting. Thanks for the recommendation.

Have you read Sharon Shinn's Twelve Houses books? I enjoyed them immensely. And I just started Gail Z. Martin's The Summoner, which is quite good.

Madeleine Conway said...

Thanks for the recommendations - will follow up.

Lisa said...

Marvelous series. I stole them from my 14 yo ds. A very rare thing that he and I would enjoy the same books.