Sunday, May 18, 2008

I see Vampire Weekend through the trees

Well, I took No1 Minion to see his first live gig, and we chose a quality one - Vampire Weekend were at Botanique last night, their second show in Brussels apparently, although lead singer Ezra Koenig said that their previous one was lame - whether because of the Belgian habit of trying to move as little as possible during a concert or because VW themselves were lame was not clear. Anyway this time, even the stolid Belgians couldn't stop their toes from tapping and their knees from jiggling just a little bit.

Anyway, last night, they were terrific, and we sang along and I squiggled a bit, and it was sold out and quite squished. They are back for Werchter on 3 July, but that day is sold out - damn damn, because I also wanted to see Chemical Bros and The National who are two of my other current must listens...On the other hand, anyone who goes that day has to put up with Mika who just bugs me.

But what is it about VW? They work very well as the ideal summer band. The songs are catchy, the lyrics intriguing and nonsensical, and from last night, I think you could safely say that they know their way around their instruments. They played one new song. It was good. I love them. I look at them and realise they are all young enough to be my children, and really, perhaps I am too old for jigging about at pop concerts, but with a band as keen and infectious as this one, who cares.

Back to performance indicators and budget planning for education. Sigh. One more week and the exams will be over, and I will be a free woman.

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