Friday, May 1, 2009

So farewell, Blogger.

Two years ago, we moved, my family and I, into our first whole house. I'd owned flats before, all three of which were great homes, but the time had come when we were in a position to buy a whole house. It was a house which needed a lot of work, rewiring, drainage, new joists for attics, central heating, windows, quite apart from plastering and bathrooms and kitchens. We had wonderful builders and it took them four months to make the place habitable. It took months after moving to get over the excitement of having our very own house, and even now, after two years, I still get a kick out of opening the front door and sitting in the living room or hanging out in the study because it is mine, yes, all mine (well, ours, since I do share it with my immediate nearest and dearest, but you get the picture).  I am experiencing that same kind of thrill now that my very creative and cool sister-in-law has designed a grown-up website for me in all my guises. I love the new website, it has many corners and quirks that are just up my street, and I know that just as I enjoy living in our house, I'll enjoy hanging out on the new, upgraded That Reading/Writing Thing complete with decent synopses of the books I have written, news about the books I am working on, plus possible radio projects, education articles and other added pleasure zones. Come and see for yourselves at

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