Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stephen King on Meyer furore

Well, all the poor man said was: 'JK Rowling is a terrific writer but Meyer can't write worth a darn.'

And lo, the waters parted, and the chosen raged and fired many curses and thunderbolts of doom at the infidel heathen who dared criticise their beloved Queen of Sparkly Vampire Stories.

I read Carrie and some other Stephen King when at school, but didn't develop a taste for him much, and more recently, I read his book On Writing, which follows the US creative writing school of cutting out all extraneous verbiage, and I have read Twilight, skipped the two middle ones and skimmed BD. I can't comment on King's writing abilities, but I would have to agree with his assessment of Meyer. She can't write worth a darn.

Still, she has many readers who all love Bella and Eddie, and who have bought the book and seen the movie, and ensured that there will be sequels to the movie.

I cannot understand why all the Twifans are getting so heated - there's no shame in reading the compulsive crackfiction that is the Bellassey, especially if you keep your head about you and can admit that there are aspects of Meyer's technique that could be improved.

Personally, I do think that Meyer has now probably profited sufficiently from her dream, and might usefully spend the rest of her time raising her kids and counting her dosh instead of inflicting more vampire fantasies on the rest of us...

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