Sunday, June 8, 2008

Writing again...

Well, it's some way short of the weeks when I could hit 4,000 words, but last week I managed 873 words. I'm going to try to do better this week, but given that I have exams to mark, notes on Captain Corelli's Mandolin to finish, the Guillemots to see, 87 children to take to London and back, a girls' night out at Sex and the City etc etc, I don't see myself getting much beyond another 873 words, but who knows.

At the moment, new people keep popping up in this book, apart from which, it is such a long time since I did any serious work on it, I've forgotten pretty much who did what and said what in chs 1-4. Sooo, I'm going to print it all out and do a proper re-read and a proper plot outline and then perhaps things will fall into place.

Anyway, I'm writing again, my characters have some place to go now instead of lurking in my head and I'm happy.

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Amy said...

Is this The Apprentice? If it is, I'm so glad you're working on it again! Glad you made it through exams, too. The words will come. 873 is a lot, to me, right now.